Vets and Patriots

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Officers of the Vets and Patriots :

The 2017 officers are: Gary Fehl, Commander;
Getty Foss, Vice Commander; Gary Cornelissen, 1st Lt;
Mike Belanger, Adjutant/Finance Officer,
Mike Moen, Chaplain; and,Jim VanDeHey, Quartermaster.
Installing officers were Chief Rabban Greg Habeck
and 1st Ceremonial Master Ben Rodgers

John Clark ; Jim Clark

Chris “Skipper” Young – Parade Chairman

 Finance Officer

John Sage

Mike Belanger


Gary Fehl and Lady Sharon

sammy_appleton_parade_2010Sammy the Shriner

2014-07-20 10.19.14

jeepster_appleton_parade_20101949 Jeepster

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