Ritualistic Divan


 Director – Eugene ‘Gene’ Reece, Jr, PP

2nd Section Assistant Director Nick Brosig

                                                   CAST AND CREW

Potentate Gary Cornelissen
Potentate – Alternate Nick Brosig
Potentate – Alternate – Emergency
Chief Rabban  Brad Ottum
Chief Rabban – Alternate  Volunteer Needed
Assistant Rabban Peter Scheinert
Assistant Rabban – Alternate
High Priest & Prophet Wayne Hendrick
High Priest & Prophet – Alternate  Volunteer Needed
High Priest & Prophet – Emergency Dennis Pauli
Oriental Guide  Jim Wade
Oriental Guide – Alternate
Oriental Guide – Alternate Mike Scalf
1st Ceremonial Master Charles Clarage
1st Ceremonial Master – Alternate  Volunteer Needed
2nd Ceremonial Master John Van Lanen
2nd Ceremonial Master – Alternate  Volunteer Needed
Marshall Darren Jenerson
Captain of the Guard Mike Belanger
Captain of the Guard – Alternate Marshal Fay
Captain of the Guard – Alternate Dennis Pauli
Outer Guard Roger Lindow
Board Man – Lead Dick Andres
Board Man Bill Francis
Board Man Roger Hamilton
Board Man Bill Gault
Board Man Todd Kagelmann
Board Man Dennis Korth
Board Man Preston O’Connor
Board Man  Volunteer Needed
Food Server Jon Challeen
Food Server
Food Server
Inspired Charge Craig Cloutier
Inspired Charge – Alternate Fred Beyer
Kings Guard Elliot Collier
Kings Guard Brad Schlosstein
Kings Guard Clint Compton
Kings Guard John Sage
Kings Guard Jordan Atlas
Director of Ritualistic Divan Volunteer Needed
Director of Ritualistic Divan – Asst. Dennis Oshefsky
Stage Crew – Stage Manager Jesse Lawrenz
Stage Crew – Stage Manager Ross Chapman
Stage Crew Jimbo Herman
Stage Crew
Stage Crew Chad Kurowski
Stage Crew Dennis Oshefsky
Stage Crew Clint Compton
Stage Crew – Costumes
Stage Crew – Lights Roger Crass
Stage Crew – Lights
Stage Crew – Sound Dennis DalSanto
Stage Crew – Sound Tom Pinney
Stage Crew – Sound/Lights
Stage Crew – Sound Rick Rogers



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