Danielle L. Brosig (Wypishinski) “A Mothers Story”

                                      Beja Noble and Photographer donates photo art to SHC – Chicago





Article by Robert Cotner (Shriners Hospital Chicago)

 Beja Noble and professional photographer George Tincher,
standing in the photo next to Yours Truly, center,
Greg Habeck (1) and Jim Herman recently gave SHC –
Chicago a framed, 6′ X 2′ photograph,
which will be hung in our soon – to – be opened
Gretchen L. Williamson Meditation Room.
The image was shot at the home, north of Manama, WI.
of Roy and Brenda Vander Zanden,
who were hosting the annual fundraiser for the
Inter City Shrine Club fish fry.
The girls, Koree and Kyra, relaxing on the dock,
are daughters of 2014 Potentate Nick Brosig

and First Lady Danielle. Therein an interesting story here,
which I’ve invited Danielle to tell you:

August 10, 1978 my mother found out she was expecting twins. On August 13th, 10-week early,
she gave birth to my brother and I. In addition to being pre-mature, I had spina bifida.
My parents were told that I would never walk.

 My parents were referred to the Shriner’s Hospital for Children when I was about a about a year and a half.
Amazingly, I started to crawl. Although it was a miracle that I could crawl, my parents were still told that
I would never walk. Shriners accepted me as a patient and discussed options for surgery.
My parents were told that there was a risk of death or total paralysis. They opted to not take the risk since
I was already crawling. Despite all odds, at the age of two and a half, I taught myself how to walk.
I have no feeling in my right foot, but I have full feeling in my left foot, which allows me to balance,
walk and run with a very slight limp. I am lucky.

         Having spina bifida, weighted heavily on my mind when my husband and I deciding to start a family.
After doing a lot of research, I became aware that there was a 1 in 4 chance of having a child with spina bifida.
In preparation, three months before conceiving, I started taking 10 times the normal dose of folic acid to help
insure that our baby would have a healthy spine. My husband and I opted to have an early ultrasound
to check on the health of our baby to prepare us for God’s plan. 10-weeks after our daughter was conceived,
and 1,000s of prayers later, my doctor confirmed that my efforts were successful, she had a beautiful spine
that looked like a string of pearls. My husband and I could not have been happier.
Two years later, we were able to conceive another beautifully, healthy, little girl.
Koree and Kyra Brosig (pictured in the photo) are truly a gift from God.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         



Noble George
was at the right place, perfectly timed,
to capture this beautiful scene focusing
on these two special children.
The photo and this story will be enjoyed
by hundreds of visitors over the years.
(We hope you’ll visit our hospital sometime
and see the photograph art by George Tincher.)
We thank Brother George for the artwork;
we thank Danielle for the touching story.                                                                                                                                                                  




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