Policy Regarding Use of Children’s Information   “COPPA”

“COPPA” – Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act

1. Currently this web-site does not collect personal information from children under the age of 13
(name,  home/e-mail address,  phone number) for use on the internet
should it do so for any reason at any time in the future this site shall
* Post a link to the privacy policy on the home page and at each area where
information is displayed about children.
* Shall not display more information than is reasonably necessary.
* Shall get verifiable parental consent to collect personal information.
* Shall get new consent when information practices materially change.
* Shall allow parents to revoke consent, and delete information displayed
about their children.

2. This site will not post or distribute personally identifiable information of
children under 13 years of age ( name,  address,  phone number,  e-mail address)
without prior written parental permission.

3. Prior written parental permission should be sought using the
Authorization and release form available from the web-master

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