Calendar 2017

Illustrious Sir Greg Habeck
2017 Calendar


January 4
Closed Meeting  –
5:00pm Official Installation

JAN. 7
Public Installation at NEW Masonic Center
1:00pm – Installation
2:15pm Celebration at BejaJanuary 16 – 23

FEB. 1
5:00pm Open Meeting at Beja
Ugly Sweater Night

FEB. 9 to 11
Winter MSA, Bloomington, Minnesota

5:00 PM Beja Open Meeting
“Gearing up for Circus”

March 2 to 5
Beja Shrine Circus
Veterans Memorial Arena
March 6, 6:00PM Circus after glow

March 28
Divan day Chicago Hospital

April 5
Closed Stated Meeting

April 15
Spring Ceremonial

Potentate Ball
Grovin in the 60’s

May 3
5:00 Beja Open Meeting
Tres De Mayo

MAY 20
Twin Cities Hospital Day’s

Open Meeting 5:00 pm
Pie Auction

Beja is Dark

JULY 9 to 13
Imperial Session in Datona Beach, Florida

July 18
John Ottum Golf Outing
Royal St. Patrick’s Golf Course

July 30
Beja family
Picnic Bay Beach

Aug 17 to 19
MSA Summer Session
Bloomington Minnesota

AUG. 27
Fun in the sun car show

Packer Shrine Game and Tailgate Party

Closed Meeting Shrine Center

Sept. 16
Ladies of Beja Fashion Show

Honored Ladies Luncheon

Sept. 23
Beja Bicycle Bash

Sept. 24
Models Monsters and Motors

Sept 25 tru 27th
Potentate trip
Agama Canyon Train Tour

Oct. 4
Open Meeting Chief Rabban Presentation

October Weekends
Green Bay Fear Haunted House

To be determined
Fall Ceremonial

November 1
Open Meeting 5pm Parade of Glory

DEC.  6
Closed Meeting 5pm
Election 2018 Officers and
2018 Divan pictures at the
N. E. Masonic Center following the election

DEC.  10
9:00 to 11:00 AM Breakfast with Santa

Illustrious Potentate Greg Habeck

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