Beja Krazy Kops

Richard Andres Chief
D. Eugene Badgley, P.P. Secretary


The Krazy Kops Korps was founded
by the Intercity Shrine Club
in February 1987 at Manawa Wisconsin.
The unit is sponsored by the Intercity Shrine Club.
The idea for the unit was conceived by then
Potentate Floyd Meyer
and Chief Rabban Hobart DeCaster.
There were nine charter members,
one is still living Ray Hutchinson.
In the past, there was a five man quartet that
performed at many functions.
They do not have a singing group at present.
The unit had several chiefs
including; John Mann, Eldo Poole, Bill Squires,
Don Badgley & Dick Andres.

There are many good reasons to join the
Krazy Kops including;
The unit is a type of Clown unit with
Keystone Kops and Convicts’
who participate in six to eight parades each summer,
with a jail on the back of a old “69” Chev Truck,
arresting parade watchers until
the jail is full, then there is a jail break,
letting all prisoners escape.
We have heard many times that we are the
best unit in the parade.
We request a donation of $500.00 to enter the parade,
all of the money less gasoline cost, to get the jail
to and from the parade is forwarded
each year to the Chicago and Minneapolis Hospitals.
When allowed we pass out free tickets not
good for anything, but are free, to spectators.
The ticket gives directions as to how to contact a Hospital.
The money we raise through sponsors at the parades
has consistently been the top dollars
raised and donated to Beja’s Parade to Glory.
That is the time we make our presentation to
the Shrine Hospitals.
We only do six to eight parades each year respecting
your desire to be with your family on weekends.
Many times our families join us and
view the parade or help us by participating with us.
There are currently fourteen active Kops and convicts
and another six or more inactive members.

If you or any of your staff, friends or neighbors
know of a child the Shriners might be able to help,
please call our toll free number, (800) 237-5055

We have a annual meeting in the fall. Our dues are $10.00 per year.
Many of the Kops & Convicts have their own uniforms. We do have ten uniforms
that we keep on the jail that we lend to members.
A list of current members is;

Don Badgley, Gene Badgley, Myke Christensen,
Ralph Chamberlain, Chris Gans, Dave Gerlach,
Ray Hutchinson, Elmer Janka,

Todd Kagelmann, Mark Moran, Fred Rasmussen,
Dale Schmidt, Tom Squires, Bill Woolsey,
Sam Woolsey, Jeff Diehl

If you do not choose to join Beja’s best unit, theKKK’s
please consider another unit and your fun will begin.

Dick Andres Chief
W3146 Creek View La.
Appleton, WI 54915

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