2017 Beja Officers

(Assistant Rabban Belanger) (Potentate Greg Habeck) High Priest & Prophet Rautiola

2017 Elected Divan of Beja Shrine and their Ladies

2017 Illustrious Sir – Greg Habeck (Lady Mary)

Chief Rabban – Clinton Compton (Lady Hannah)

Assistant Rabban — Mike Belanger (Lady Linda)

High Priest & Prophet – Kenneth Rautiola (Lady Jean Ann)

Oriental Guide Ben Rodgers

Treasurer – P. P. Brad Ottum (Lady Lynn Zettel)

Recorder- P. P. Dennis M. Korth (Lady Gale)

Appointed Divan

1st Ceremonial Master – John Van Lannen

2nd Ceremonial Master-Dale Vannes (Lady Kay)

No Picture

Ceremonial Director – Ross Borchardt

Marshal-Roy Vander Zanden (Lady Brenda)

Capt. of the Guard-Richard “Dick” Andres (Lady Theda)

Outer Guard – Gary Fehl (Lady Sharon)

Appointed Officers

Chief Aid-Charles Clarage (Lady Kathy Rondeau)

Chaplain-Myron “Myke” Christensen (Lady Ruthann)

Public Relations—Gary Fehl (Sharon)

Ritualistic Divan— P. P. Eugene Reece (Lady Dawn)

Membership Chairman- Preston O’Connor (Lady Ruth Raddatz)

Circus Chairman-Jim VanDeHey (Lady Paulette)

Hospital Chairman–Roger Lindow (Lady Barbara Diederich)

Burn Awareness Chairman—Elliot Collier

Historian – Open –

Housing Chairman–P. P. Dennis Korth (Lady Gale)


Robert Vanderleest (Lady Bonnie)
P. P. Jim Slezak
P. P. Eugene Reece
P. P. Dennis Pauli
Craig Cloutier (Lady Colleen)


Membership Chairman — Preston O’ Conner

District Ambassadors

Northwest Zone #1 (Rhinelander Area) Jim Herman

North Zone #2 (Waupaca & Fox Valley Area)
David Gerlach and Gene Badgley

North East Zone #2 (Upper Peninsula’s) Jay Herbst

Central Zone #4 (Green Bay Area)

South Zone #5 (Fox Valley) Ralph Chamberlain

Regional Ambassadors

Appleton Shrine Club — Eugene Kolb
Green Bay Shrine Club — John Sage P.P.
Inter City Shrine Club — Roy Vander Zanden
Oconto Shrine Club — Vern Vander Leest
Peninsula Shrine Club — Robert Carney
Shawano Shrine Club — Jim Herman

Beja Aides

Chief Aide — Charles Clarage
Aides — Vern Vander Leest
Jesse Lawrenz
Chris Young
Dan Lyons

Service Units

Hospital — Thomas Passow
Purveyor — James Herman
Speakers Bureau — Dennis Korth P.P.
Dennis V Siewert
Peter Scheinert P.P.
Tom Turner

Directors & Chairman 2017
Appointed Committees


Editor in Chief Potentate Greg Habeck

Layout and Design Vicki Cravillion

Official Photographer George Tincher

Photographer D. Eugene Badgley, P.P.


General Chairman-James VanDeHey

Associate Chairman– Kent Pauli P.P.

Circus Website Maintenance-James VanDeHey

Clubs and Units Director — Greg Habeck
Clint Compton

Endowments, Wills and Gifts

Chairman – Tony Hinden
Assistant — G. W. Jerry Capelle P.P.

Hospital Committee

Chairman – Roger Lindow

Chicago Board of Gov. – John Sage P.P.

Assoc. Chicago Board of Gov. – Gary Fehl & Cliff Johnson

Twin Cities Board of Gov. – Eugene Reese Jr

House Committee

Facility Manager – Bradley Ottum, P.P.

Information Technology-(Computer/Website)

Chairman – David Oshefsky P.P.

Hardware – Nick Brosig P.P.

Website Maintenance – George Tincher
Assistant — Gary Fehl

Facebook – Gary Fehl – Dave Oshefsky

John Ottum Golf Outing

Chairman – Don Borowicz

Secretary – Brad Ottum P.P.

Legal Committee

Chairman – Attorney David Forsythe

Long Range Planning

Chairman – Nick Brosig P.P.

Associate – Chris Young

Associate – John Martinez, P.P.

Member at Large – Robert Carney

Masonic Relations

Roger Magoon, P.G.M.

Medical Staff

Director – Dr. Charles Awen, P.P.

Dr. Marcus Vander Leest

Dr. Dan Lyons

Membership Committee

Chairman – Preston O’Connor

Assistant Chairman- Robert Vander Leest

Recruitment Chairman-

Restoration Chairman-

Midwest Shrine Association

Chairman – Kent Pauli P.P.

Onion Sales

Chairman – Jim Slezak, P.P.

Associate – Harold Servia


Marshal – John Clark

Public Relations

Chairman – Gary Fehl

Ritualist Divan

Director – Tom Turner

2nd Section Director – David Oshefsky, P.P.

2nd Section Assistant Director – Nick Brosig

Rules & Jurisprudence

Chairman – Bradley Ottum, P.P.

Santa Breakfast

Chairman – John Sage P.P.

Youth Committee

Chairman – Charles Clarage

DeMolay Chairman – Charles Clarage

Job’s Daughters – Jay Andres

Rainbow –

Shrine Clubs

Appleton Shrine Club – President – Tony Hinden — Secretary-Preston O’ Conner

Green Bay Shrine Club – President – John Sage P.P. — Secretary-Woody Howland

Inter-City Shrine Club – President – Dale Schmidt — Secretary-Gene Reece

Oconto Shrine Club – President – Ralph Papesh — Secretary-Vernon Vander Leest

Peninsula Shrine Club – President – Richard Rogers – Secretary Steve Rabach

Shawano Shrine Club – President – Dale Vannes — Secretary-Greg Habeck

Special Interest Clubs

Computer (Chairman) Nick Brosig P.P.

Past Masters — Roger Magoon P.G.M.

Photography — George Tincher
D. Eugene Badgley P.P.

Shrine Units

Krazy Kops – Chief – Dick Andres — Secretary- P. P. Gene Badgley

Vets of Valor – Commander – Jeff Anderson — Adjutant-Mike Belanger

Beja Clowns – President – Jesse Lawrenz — Vice President – Jim Herman
Treasurer — Chris Biskner

Escort Patrol – President – Tim Thiers Secretary – David Hinshaw

Double Ender – President – ————- Assistant-Jim Slezak, P.P.

Haunters Guild – President Dennis Oshefsky — Secretary-Charles Clarage

Circus Wagon – Wagon Master – Richard Rogers Secretary-
Super Cycle — President Jerry Sauer — Secretary Phil West

Hillbillys — Rabban of the Clan Roy Vander Zanden
Keeper of the quill — Dennis Korth P.P.

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